How To Find & Choose A Private Yoga Teacher

Take A Moment To Reflect

Whether or not you’ve started seeking your instructor yet, ask yourself these questions:

  • (if you already practice yoga) what types of instructors have I liked taking class with ? What specifically do I like about their teaching, style, personality, etc.
  • What type of yoga do I want to practice? To name a few examples, vinyasa? (a flow-based yoga class, linking breath with movements, designed to warm, strengthen, and stretch), yin ? (a type of yoga where poses are held for several minutes, designed to stretch the deep connective tissues), restorative? (a type of yoga where the practitioner holds passive poses for several minutes that are very supported with props).

Where To Find Your Yoga Instructor

If you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or another major city, you might already know that there are hundreds of yoga instructors and many studios, with teachers eager, qualified, and happy to share the practice of yoga. You just have align yourself with where they are.

Connect with Your Prospective Teachers

Overall, Trust Your Gut Instinct

Regardless of the way you cast your net into the community in search of your instructor, when making your decision on who to work with, trust your gut.



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