Start as you are

Have you ever thought, said or heard someone else say,

“I wouldn’t be good at yoga, I’m not flexible”?

I’ve heard this sort of statement many times and love to counter this way of thinking by emphasizing the irony of it.

Yoga gives you the opportunity…

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I’ve taken class with yoga teachers I didn’t know, who’s teaching style and instruction were so shocking and inappropriate I either had to abruptly exit the class or continually self-soothe throughout class by telling myself over and over again “remember, this isn’t yoga”.

On a slightly more mild scale, I’ve…

What is it and how does it work?

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So much of our day-to-day life is now online. …

you might be overthinking it.

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Last year I was living and teaching yoga in New York City. The city is a bustling, lively, challenging place to live. …

Rock climbing is an intense full-body activity. It recruits mental focus, body awareness, trust, strength, flexibility, and steadiness. Huh, sounds kind of like yoga, right?

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The routes on the wall are called “problems” for good reason. There is a strong mental focus required to continue progressing upwards…

An intrapersonal classroom on your mat

I didn’t expect to gain any sort of wisdom when I began practicing yoga 9 years ago.

I started for the way it made my body feel and the mental calm and clarity I experienced afterwards. Over time it evolved to become a versatile…

How ‘networking’ really just means building community and making connections

Like many others, I don’t love the word ‘networking’. It has this machine-like, ulterior motive, abstract-feel to it that doesn’t convey enough humanness. Perhaps we’ll create a new word to describe this process so it seems more approachable and less…

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If you continually practice yoga, there’s a reason you keep returning to your mat; whether yoga has helped you reduce anxiety, deal with stress, or feel better in your body, you are likely getting something out of this practice that helps you.

Unfortunately, despite the service this practice provides, we…

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Breaking up with someone can feel like a small death. And it is in a way. The relationship and what it was is over. The vulnerable part of us that has opened and woven ourselves within the other person gets the rug pulled out from underneath. It can feel like…

If you’ve decided to work with a private yoga instructor, but don’t know where to begin or how to find and decide on the instructor that would be best for you, check out the following insights to help guide you in the right direction.

Take A Moment To Reflect

Whether or not you’ve started seeking…

Natalie Mazur

Private & Group Class Yoga Instructor

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