3 Supportive Tips for Yoga Beginners

1. Don’t force

Take out any expectations you have for yourself as you develop your practice and even as an advanced practitioner. There’s no level of strength, flexibility, or enlightenment that you are supposed to have when you show up on your mat. But there is value and wisdom in staying curious within your practice so your outlook maintains a freshness and interest, rather than judgement and frustration.

2. Be consistent

Yoga works. But it’s not always instant gratification. Although sometimes just after a few moments of meditating or stretching we can feel more at ease, it’s going to have greater impact if we practice consistently.

3. Don’t compare

I’ll often cue my students to close their eyes during class, and especially during points in the sequence where we are doing repetitive movements or when there is a space to explore intuitively for a bit.



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